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Kourosh Tabandeh Founder and CEO
(Msc. Agricultural Economics)

Kourosh Tabandeh, the CEO of Green Idea, holds a degree in Agriculture Economics and has a strong connection with the Middle East. With his expertise in business development and entrepreneurship, he has contributed significantly to the growth and success of the company.

Kourosh’s background in Agribusiness and also business development provides him with an in-depth understanding of the agricultural industry and the challenges it faces. He has used this knowledge to identify opportunities for innovation and sustainability in the field of insect farming. Through his leadership, Green Idea has become a leading company in the insect farming industry, working towards creating a sustainable and efficient protein source.

Kourosh’s passion for sustainability is evident in his work at Green Idea, where he has dedicated himself to developing innovative technologies and farming practices that promote sustainable insect farming. He recognises that the traditional methods of farming have a negative impact on the environment and are not sustainable in the long run. Therefore, he has made it his mission to create a more sustainable and efficient protein source through insect farming.

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Dr. Tara Hussieni Head of Process Engineering

Dr Tara Hosseini is a Research & development Process Engineer, with an extensive experience in the project management and supervision in both academia and industry. She is currently working at the University of Adelaide. She obtained her PhD in Chemical Engineering from Monash University in 2016 and after that she has been working in academia mainly working on development of new methods for waste utilisation and valorisation. She has been involved in many projects related to conversion of bio-based wastes into clean bio-energies. She is expert in process design, simulation, optimisation and techno-economic analysis with experience of developing new technologies from development of the raw idea to commercialisation. She has received several grants as a leader and chief investigator from Future Fuels CRC and also from industries.

Prior to joining The University of Adelaide, she worked as a research fellow on a couple of industry-linked projects at Monash University. She developed a patented process to produce high-purity magnesium oxide/metal from Victorian brown coal fly ash. The demonstration plant is under construction in Latrobe Valley with an initial capacity of 3000 tonne per year of magnesium metal. In addition to experience of working as a lecturer and researcher, she has worked in the industry as a process Engineer and project manager in the oil and gas industries. She has designed several chemical plants in the basic and detailed design phases as a process engineer and she has managed two projects in the detailed design phase. She has been recognized as a Professional Process Engineer by Engineers Australia and she is the Associate member of IChemE.


Ehsan Abbas Nejad
Dr. Ehsan Abbaas Nejad Head of Automation

Dr. Ehsan Abbasnejad is a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) and a Principal Researcher at the Centre for Augmented Reasoning (CAR) at the University of Adelaide. He was awarded his PhD degree in 2017 in Computer Science from the Australian National University (ANU). He has extensive experience in deep learning for a range of applications of machine vision and language in agriculture, mining, defense, etc. He has been involved in multi-million dollar projects in agriculture, one of which was featured at BBC in 2021. He has been a research scientist and founding member of DeepSightX who won the second prize in the global mineral discovery challenge in 2019. His past experience in industry includes Microsoft, Xerox and NEC Labs America.