Intermediate investors with three to 10 completed projects in 36 months can qualify for better rates and terms than new investors with fewer than three completed deals. LendingHome is our best overall hard money lender for fix-and-flip and rehab properties. Typical interest rates can be up to 12%, although prime borrowers can get rates closer to 6.5%, making LendingHome the best hard money lender for the lowest rates. It also offers single-asset rental loans with rates as low as 4.95% and plans to add multi-asset loans in the future. RCN Capital hard money loans have a typical loan term of 12 to 18 months. Its Buy-to-Rent program has a two-year term and allows a one-year extension. There are no prepayment penalties on the fix-and-flip loan program.

Although Lima One Capital requires borrowers to have a minimum FICO score of 660, it will fund investors with lower scores if they have a partner with solid credit. The basic fix-and-flip loan product doesn’t require prior experience. The BridgePlus, Heavy Rehab, and Cash-out loans require investors to have a minimum of five exits within the last three years. I had seriously been considering purchasing the CI DEAL DOG package due to its ‘simplicity’. I do not have any real estate investment experience but I am very motivated to get started. I’ve seen sooo many webinars and don’t know who to trust. I am a daily user of the site using it to connect with other investors across the nation as I find wholesale deals and sell virtually.

Hard money loans offer short-term financing solutions for real estate investors who typically can’t get funding for their real estate investing projects through traditional lenders. We evaluated the five best hard money lenders in 2021. With no proven track record, new investors can struggle to find investment property financing.

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RCN Capital considers credit scores, investor experience, and available collateral when determining loans. RCN Capital hard money loans are unique in that they have three qualifying experience levels instead of just two.

Another agent of integrity can be found at funding by mary at g mail. Of the assets = liabilities + equity dozens of REI’s we shared deals with; not one was able to complete a deal.


CoreVest offers several loans, including credit lines, bridge loans, portfolio loans, and single-asset permanent loans. The terms offered for its credit lines and bridge loans are 18 to 24 months. The portfolio loans have five-, seven-, and 10-year terms and the single-rental loans have 30-year terms.

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Ultimately it always boiled down to their inability to close due to funding problems. You added a new domain in the control panel cixloans but didn’t create a site record to link it with an application. Create a website record with the control panel and refresh.


RCN Capital is the best hard money lender for less experienced investors since it only requires borrowers to have a minimum of two previous flips or two rental properties within three years. Lima One Capital is our best choice hard money lender for its diversity of loan products for both new and experienced investors. It has four different fix-and-flip loan products, three rental property loan types, and offers multifamily and new construction hard money loans. It offers loans for residential rental portfolios, build-to-rent, and multifamily properties, and credit lines for fix-and-flip and rental aggregation.

CoreVest has a minimum FICO score of 620, but the lender underwrites based on the deal. Borrowers will need to provide proof of funds for a minimum 20% down payment. CoreVest offers fix-and-flip loans with terms from one to two years in either a credit line or a bridge loan. Visio Lending offers single-rental loans, blanket loans for multiple properties, and bridge loans. Its long-term products are suitable for investors wanting to build wealth, and its bridge loans are good for investors needing equity to purchase or renovate properties quickly. It also offers portfolio lending for vacation and short-term rental properties.

Through the chart below, you will know that there are a lot of visitors to this site by searching the keyword “n/a”, about n/a visitors per day. The chart below shows how many visitors visited the website every day for the past 90 days.

Even experienced investors sometimes can’t get funding for a growing portfolio. We’ve evaluated the five best hard money lenders for funding both new and experienced real estate investors. RCN Capital offers short-term bridge loans, after repair value loans, a buy-to-rent program, and long-term rental loans.

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This is not some hodge-podge group that anyone can join. Protecting our lenders’ reputations is of paramount importance. The Domain Name System is a hierarchical and decentralized naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the Internet or a private network. It associates various information with domain names assigned to each of the participating entities.

But, I got my first 3 flips done through partners and lenders on CI. It is well known that Google applies sanctions to websites that engage in the type of low quality mass link building often used by these websites. Any website that contains any images or text identified as explicit (“not family safe”) content can be labeled by search engines as “not safe”. If is hosted on a server that contains a large number of sanctioned websites, it may be also be banned if a sanction is placed on the entire server’s IP.

The table below shows the DNS record for the domain name Which search keywords send traffic to the website

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Visio Lending doesn’t offer rehab or fix-and-flip loans, so it’s the best hard money choice for refinancing or growing a rental portfolio. It finances loans for both new and experienced investors. Lima One Capital is one of the highest-ranked hard money lenders for customer satisfaction. Borrowers reported Lima One Capital as having outstanding loan service, low rates, and a fast closing turnaround.

If you consider visitors from other parts of the world consider using CDN or changing server location. CIX has a bright bookkeeping future though; it pays a solid dividend. Will their legacy business, which has been declining, level out at some point?

Investors like LendingHome’s easy-to-use online portal and their one-time borrower qualification process that makes it easy to fund additional properties. Experienced investors with five or more flips within 24 months get customized points and a dedicated, experienced manager. New investors can get points as low as 1.5% and closing costs as low as $1,999. Fit Small Business content and reviews are editorially independent. We may make money when you click on links to our partners. It’s worth noting that COGO Capital is on the CiX “hit parade” but I can tell you with certainty that our experience has been nothing but 100% positive.

The maximum hard money loan amount is $2.5 million, and RCN Capital lends up to $5 million in its long-term rental program. Visio Lending cuts out the middlemen to offer you the best rates, terms, and a smoother loan experience.

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I went through the same painful process of losing money to few so-called private lenders/scammers. I applied for funding on COGO but the interest rates were to high as well as the points. In short we have determined to work with several agencies to see that CI is held accountable for the rip offs and scams that are perpetrated daily on the site. Ross Hamilton knows full well the kind of people that promote their garbage on his site.

CoreVest prides itself in providing experienced loan professionals, competitive rates, and loans up to $250 million with no hassle and no hidden fees. The lender doesn’t charge a prepayment penalty but does charge a loan termination fee of 1% to borrowers who pay off the loan after nine months. Borrowers have the convenience of working with the same loan officer from application through closing. Underwriting and loan approval are done in-house, giving RCN Capital a local bank feel though they lend in 45 states. Although Visio Lending requires higher credit scores than its competitors, it will consider borrowers with lower FICOs. It evaluates the property by the loan-to-value ratio and the debt service coverage ratio .

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The company was founded in 2005 by real estate investor Ross Hamilton, who remains the CEO today. Cix Health is a central hub to manage care for yourself and your family. With our innovative app, we’re working to solve the personal and complex problem of managing health care information safely and responsibly. Upload and store health data, Insurance details, prescriptions, and more.

They also reported that projects funded quickly, and the process went smoothly even when funding multiple loans simultaneously. Connected Investors is somehow allowing their members to be contacted by these fraudsters and don’t seem to have a vetting process to weed out real lenders and false lenders. We have contacted our local police, reported these people to the various email providers as well as the FBI’s internet fraud division.

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